building on difficult & sloping sites made easy
Building on difficult & sloping sites made easy

Difficult & Sloping Blocks

Southeast Queensland is characterised by its treed, steep and hilly terrains. These qualities bring enormous appeal to its many established and leafy suburbs. As southeast Queensland’s urban areas are developed, and demand for new housing increases, the only affordable land is often steep, sloping, irregular, or small, narrow blocks (under 10 metres wide). Difficult sites often present other issues like planning overlays, active soils, fill and difficult access.

Avoid unnecessary work and expense

Other building companies will most likely want to level your block of land in order to sell you one of their standard project homes. This type of approach often buries up to $80,000+ in unnecessary and environmentally irresponsible ground works.

Be wary of low advertised prices for ‘off the shelf’ designs. Consider the additional costs associated with retaining walls, hitting rock, slippage, engineering and drainage, and the prospect of looking at large ugly embankments.

To minimise cost, each home should be designed in response to its environment, it should take advantage of the fall of the land and the shape of the block.

breezewayhouse will design your new home to optimise views, privacy, cooling breezes and cross ventilation as well as passive solar orientation. Simply put, we design your home to promote natural heating and cooling. Your home will feel more comfortable to live in, you’ll save money on your power bill and you’ll reduce your impact on the environment.

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Choosing a builder that works with you

It is important to choose a building company that works with you, invites you to consider all your options, and takes a flexible approach when building on a sloping or difficult site.

breezewayhouse understands the importance of creating harmony between a building and its natural environment. This knowledge allows us to achieve one of our key objectives – building well designed, quality homes to a budget on difficult and sloping sites.